Here We Come Together – Here We Fall Apart


At what point does proximity become intimacy?
Vignettes from public spaces and private minds told through live performance, found objects and today’s paper.  

Hands touch on a subway pole. A stranger approaches and says, “I love you.” Someone waltzes with you on the platform. Modern urban life keeps us emotionally apart and at the same time, presses us closer together. Here We Come Together, Here We Fall Apart draws attention to the moments – tragic, beautiful, humorous, grotesque – that we share with strangers in public every day.

A newly formed collective comprised of fifteen theatre-makers from nine countries, explore the intricate balance between emotional separation and physical proximity. Their debut work, Here We Come Together, Here We Fall Apart, is inspired by the company’s personal interpretation of London and the “proxemic experiments” they conducted in response. Playing with the threshold of space and intimacy, they ask, “Are we facilitators of meaningful connection, or theatrical agitators inflicting our ideas on the innocent public?”

Part of Sprint Festival 2015
Camden People’s Theatre