Cumulus PQ 2015

Can a piece of chalk and a drawing of a world map on a city street transform it into a forum for discussion of our individual impact on global politics?

The four performer-devisers, from three different countries, will chalk-draw the globe along with the audience on the street, exploring the space distinctions of the world itself and the relationship of the audience to it—both as a playing space and a place of existence.

Piece by piece, a live map will be created, showing the impact our individual actions have on the complex system that is the planet. From weather to politics, all our actions have a consequence. We hope to open up a dialogue and begin a conversation that shows the complexity of a system in which all of us have the power to create change.

Cumulus is a piece of street theatre being created for the Prague Quadrennial 2015.


Cumulus PQ 2015

blue sea


Cumulus was presented at the Prague Quadrennial Festival on the 26th of June 2015