The Art Lab is designed to give artists the space to ‘test’ out new and experimental material on a live and willing audience.

The lab will see a whole variety of acts performed from new emerging theatre companies to dancers, poetry readings/performances and live art pieces.

Works shown at the lab are usually work-in-progress, often in their very initial stages, and offers artists an opportunity to get immediate feedback and thus make appropriate changes or development to their work for the future. For the audience, it is an opportunity to see new, up and coming work, have an enjoyable (and affordable!) night out and help to create a buzz about new artists and emerging works!


Wooosh is a research platform currently presenting the human body alongside pneumatic structures, exploring specific urban environments across Winchester. Based on Julio Cortazar’s experimental novel Hopscotch (1963), audiences move between multiple sites/performances, creating their own narrative. An international/interdisciplinary research platform combining elements of street art, architecture, circus, theatre and play.

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